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Experienced Attorneys Handling Ethics Violations Claims

Ethics violations by your lawyer can result in devastating consequences. Attorneys are held to certain ethical standards, and when they fail to comply with these standards, your legal case and future could be harmed. At Glickman & Glickman, A Law Corporation, we are dedicated to helping clients hold attorneys accountable for legal malpractice. Our attorneys have experience handling malpractice claims against lawyers for ethics violations. We are skilled litigators and know what options are available to help you find the best possible outcome.

Ethical Violations And Your Legal Options

To prove legal malpractice occurred after an ethical violation, we review your specific case to determine and document what type of ethics violations were committed and the economic loss that resulted from this type of negligence.

Ethics violations can include:

  • Breach of confidentiality, like disclosing your name or facts about your case to a third party
  • Intentionally misleading you
  • Settling your case without your permission or failing to tell you a settlement was received
  • Failing to respond to your correspondence

When you hire a lawyer, you expect him or her to properly handle your case. Unfortunately, not all attorneys follow the standard of care that is expected. We can discuss your legal options and hold your lawyer accountable for their actions.

Work With Experienced Attorneys

Located in Los Angeles and San Francisco, our law firm helps clients throughout California. We know that every case is unique – which is why it is important to work with skilled and experienced attorneys. Call us at 310-746-5116 for a free initial consultation to see if you have a case with actual damages in excess of $100,000.