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Has A Civil Rights Violation Injured You, Or Caused Losses to Your Loved Ones?

It is one thing to know your civil rights. It is another to recognize when someone has violated one or more of your civil rights resulting in physical, emotional or financial losses. As you consider taking legal action against the wrongdoers, you may be thinking about restoring what you lost as well as stemming the tide of denial of people’s fundamental principles. Your case may, in fact, serve as a cause in support of civil rights.

An experienced attorney’s contributions to your path to justice can be invaluable. Contact Glickman & Glickman to learn how we can help. We are trial lawyers who place a high priority on making a difference in our law practice. A civil rights case may become a symbol of your family’s legacy as well as an assertion of your personal right to take action.

Examples Of Civil Rights Violation Cases That We Handle

We have a strong track record in state and federal civil lawsuits aimed at persons or entities that have violated people’s civil rights.  Here are just a few samples of past and ongoing cases:

  • A young, unarmed African American man was shot and killed by police officers; we were part of a team representing the family in a wrongful death Civil Rights case resulting in a $7 million settlement.
  • Another young, unarmed African American man was beaten by the police. We were part of a team representing him resulting in a $2.9 million settlement
  • Two Hispanic men were beaten on a bus transporting them to court from where they were being held as pre-trial detainees; the case is ongoing.

At Glickman & Glickman, with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we serve clients statewide. We can evaluate your case to determine whether you are justified in filing a complaint with a federal agency or bringing a lawsuit because of illegal discrimination. We are experienced lawyers who are ready to act as your zealous advocates after you have experienced a violation of your civil rights. We can advise you on what to do after experiencing professional or legal malpractice, employment discrimination or an injury or wrongful death while in custody after an unjustified arrest.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer Who Is Dedicated To Protecting People’s Civil Rights

We are capable trial lawyers with over 80 combined years of experience. All our attorneys are principled, unwavering client advocates. Many of our clients find comfort thanks to our team’s ease, understanding and results in the courtroom.

To schedule a consultation regarding a possible legal claim over a civil rights violation, call 310-746-5116 or complete an online form.