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What can you do about insurance legal malpractice?

When you turn to an attorney for assistance with an insurance matter, you should get the best legal representation possible depending on the specifics of your case. Your attorney should go out of his or her way to obtain a favorable outcome and that means prioritizing your case and putting as much effort into it as they can.

Regrettably, not all attorneys do as good of a job as they can or should. If you have doubts about whether a lawyer you hired for a case dealing with insurance acted incompetently in some way or neglected to represent your best interest, legal malpractice might be to blame. But what can you do about that?

What constitutes legal malpractice?

Perhaps you filed an insurance claim that did not turn out in your best interest. You then hired a lawyer to try to overturn a negative decision but they failed to represent you as they should have. This does not necessarily mean there were actions that constitute malpractice, but there might be.

Legal malpractice takes place when lawyers perform their duties below accepted standards. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, even attorneys, so perfection is not expected of them. But they are expected to provide clients with a level of professionalism and competence which another equally trained lawyer would provide.

When attorneys fail in this capacity, their actions could constitute legal malpractice whether in a case that deals with insurance or something else entirely. For example, when a lawyer forgets to file important paperwork before a deadline, jeopardizing the case.

If your lawyer failed you through legal malpractice in an insurance claim or other type of representation, you may want to consider legal action to recover possible compensation for losses you incurred.