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Why legal malpractice goes undetected

When you hire a lawyer, you expect them to offer you quality services. While most lawyers do their best to ensure this happens, some fail to do so. A lawyer representing you in a way that falls below the accepted standards is risky, as you may incur significant losses or can even go to jail. Unfortunately, many cases of legal malpractice go undetected.

Here are two reasons for this.

“It was an expected result”

Of course, when you have a case, defending a charge or fighting to protect your interests in a matter, the verdict can be in your favor or not. However, in some instances, an attorney’s actions can lead to an unfavorable outcome. For example, they may not have submitted evidence on time. But some people fail to consider these factors. When they lose a case, they are quick to accept the consequence, as this was a potential outcome. 

However, you may have also experienced legal malpractice. If you ever get an unfavorable outcome, you should talk to another lawyer to determine if you justly lost the case or if your counsel failed to offer competent services.

The legal field can be complicated

The chances are you may not be familiar with every aspect of the legal field, despite having a case that helped you learn a few things. And an unethical lawyer can use this to their advantage. 

They may throw difficult words around and make processes seem complicated, especially when you ask them about a mistake they have made. This can discourage you from following up on a case.

These two factors contribute to many legal malpractice cases going unnoticed/unreported. If you believe your lawyer did not serve you as expected, you should consider your options to fight for your rights.