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Did your former lawyer miss several deadlines? 

Lawyers can be busy as they always have different clients at once. According to Indeed, lawyers work between 40 to 66 hours a week. Most of them even take work outside the office to ensure their clients get the best deals out of cases. For this reason, attorneys should have practical scheduling strategies. Examples are including all tasks in a calendar, working on specific tasks in blocks of time and organizing documents. 

Your lawyer might miss a deadline due to their demanding schedule. Nonetheless, you should be alarmed when the issue recurs. This guide discusses three instances when missing deadlines can lead to legal malpractice:

Statute of limitations

The California statute of limitations provides periods in which residents can file a lawsuit. Within this period, you will gather needed evidence and documents for filing. If your lawyer fails to file them on time, your case may be thrown out, increasing your chances of facing severe punishments. 

Discovery deadlines

When your case is in the litigation process, both sides will request each other’s documents and evidence for examination. Your advocate should answer questions from the other party and send the requested information within the set period. Waiting until the last day to respond to requests for admissions or missing the deadline can harm your case.  

Court dates

Even though it’s not common, a lawyer might miss a court date. If this happens, you can reschedule, which will prolong your legal issues. Even though some missed court dates may be unavoidable, a lawyer that doesn’t show up and doesn’t let the court know why can put your case at a disadvantage.

Mistakes in the legal field lead to significant negative outcomes. It will be best to know when you have experienced legal malpractice to protect your rights.