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How important is attorney-client communication?

When you hire a law firm to represent you in any matter, you expect your attorneys to understand your circumstances and navigate the legal system on your behalf.

When overwhelmed by complicated professional jargon and confusing processes, it can be easy to toss the reigns to your lawyer and trust that he or she will act in your best interest. However, communication breakdowns lead to unsatisfied clients.

Setting expectations for communication

Though your lawyer is a skilled professional, you need to participate in your case. Frequent contact between you and your attorney helps build trust between you while also allowing you to provide as much information as possible to aid your arguments. When meeting with firm representatives, be sure to discuss your availability as well as your expectations for communication regarding your legal matters.

Using effective tools

Because different clients prefer different methods of communication, your law firm should be able to accommodate your preference. Some common tools used by attorneys to talk to clients include:

  • law office reception services
  • client portal or relationship management software
  • email
  • texting

If your lawyer fails to initiate or return communication with you on an ongoing basis, then the firm’s interest in your case may have waned. If you feel your attorney has neglected or ignored you, resulting in your financial loss in court, then he or she may have committed attorney malpractice.

A communicative and supportive attorney-client relationship is essential to achieving a positive outcome in any legal case, and you want representation that remains engaged with you throughout the process.