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Spotlight on legal industry’s “impairment problem,” Part 2

It is far from a secret that the legal profession in California and nationally, like other professional groups, has its fair share of work-linked stressors. Deadlines abound in law. Motions need to be filed. Court dates are always looming. Relevant law needs to be found and successfully applied to a client’s case.

Superhuman effort is not expected for any attorney going about those tasks, notwithstanding what some busy practitioners occasionally assert and grouse about. Clients might sometimes be demanding, but they are also realists.

So too are legal examiners who oversee and judge claims alleging a lawyer’s substandard performance. Those authorities have never insisted on perfection. What they and the public reasonably demand is legal work done competently and consistent with the due standard of care universally applicable to the profession.

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that the legal professional is marked by occupational stress. We also pointed out in our December 4 blog, though, that work-tied pressure is hardly unique to the legal industry. Candidly, what group of professionals does not confront on-the-job challenges that must be routinely faced and overcome?

The malpractice lawyers at Glickman & Glickman in Los Angeles fully appreciate that stress is a reality in law. After all, our deep legal team has collectively worked diligently in the industry for decades. Over that time, we have consistently secured proven results for varied and valued clients. The firm has compiled an advocacy record we are proud of and that has been fashioned despite daily stresses and challenges.

At Glickman & Glickman, focus is unwaveringly on clients and the harms they have suffered as the result of legal malpractice. We certainly understand that some practitioners are under stress, and can commiserate with them as they work through professional challenges. Occupational stress, though, does not excuse negligent work product and a legal result that disservices an individual or institutional client who justifiably expected something more.

We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss the knowledgeable and impassioned representation we bring to bear on behalf of clients needing our help in legal malpractice matters.