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Law firm claim-filing failure yields adverse jury verdict

The law firm involved in a high-profile legal malpractice case insists that it is blameless.

The jury concluded otherwise.

In fact, its verdict reached last week in a Florida lawsuit stressed a national law firm’s negligence in timely and adequately pursuing a medical malpractice claim on behalf of a mother injured during pregnancy. The panel found Morgan & Morgan liable for approximately $5 million in the matter.

The case traced back to the woman’s delivery some years ago, where evidence points to a medical team’s negligence in timely performing an emergency C-section owing to material complications. The woman’s son now suffers from ongoing brain damage. The mother ruptured her uterus during delivery and also deals with long-term ailments.

Morgan & Morgan was retained following the botched delivery, tasked to seek a medical malpractice recovery from an obstetrics practice, midwife and hospital.

The plaintiff’s just-concluded case against the law firm alleged that it failed to do so. Reportedly, Morgan & Morgan ultimately withdrew from the case, but only following expiration of the relevant statute of limitations period during which pre-suit notice of claims on behalf of the mother was required.

The jury stated that the mother would have prevailed had the matter been timely attended to and resulted in a medical malpractice trial.

Morgan & Morgan is now deemed liable for the entire amount that the jury stresses would otherwise have been the obligation of the involved medical actors.

The firm could be additionally responsible for additional fees and court costs beyond the above-cited damage amount. Morgan & Morgan vows to appeal the judgment.