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Actor files broad-based malpractice suit against LA law firm

Famed actor Johnny Depp has never been timid about acting resolutely to promote his best interests in the entertainment industry.

Unquestionably, the same holds true when it comes to spotlighting the alleged wrongdoing of third parties that Depp contends has scammed him out of millions of dollars.

Depp says that he reasonably relied upon those entities — a law firm and a business management company, respectively — to act prudently in advising him and protecting his wealth.

Instead, he claims, they engaged in negligent and even wanton misconduct that materially injured his finances and nearly led him to financial ruin.

Depp filed a legal malpractice lawsuit last week against the Sherman Oaks law firm of Bloom Hergott and one its named partners, charging those parties with self-dealing, wrongful collection of contingency-based fees and violating “some of the most basic tenets of the attorney-client relationship.”

Among other things, Depp states that the law firm failed to reasonably oversee the management firm’s conduct and report its alleged misconduct back to him.

The actor’s complaint state that Bloom Hergott acted unlawfully by acting in a manner broadly inimical to his interests, while doing so absent execution of a written contract to act on his behalf, as required under California state law.

The management company (TMG aka The Management Group) sued by Depp in a related complaint strongly contests the actor’s allegations, and his filed a counter suit against him. TMG assets that Depp’s precarious finances owe predominantly to his own reckless financial behavior.