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TV anchorman sues California attorney for alleged malpractice

A million dollars should just about do it.

And that is not being at all greedy, Southern California meteorologist and weather personality Kyle Hunter would likely contend. Hunter is on the hook for an estimated $800,000 in costs following what he flatly states is incompetent representation that was provided by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and her legal team in an employment discrimination lawsuit he filed against CBS.

Hunter claims he never had a chance in his case, given the failure of Allred and other attorneys to interview witnesses who could have provided helpful affidavits to bolster his assertions of workplace discrimination. He states that Allred’s assurance to him that she did indeed follow through on that strategy is “a lie,” given contacts from co-workers informing him that they were never communicated with regarding the lawsuit.

Hunter filed his lawsuit today in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Among other things, the complaint alleges a clear conflict of interest in Allred’s representation of the weatherman, given that the attorney was reportedly simultaneously working with CBS executives “to produce a legal drama inspired by her life.”

One media source reporting the story and details of Hunter’s litigation states that it has seen a letter from the State Bar of California confirming that bar officials are examining the claims against Allred and could potentially take some type of enforcement action in the matter. In commenting on the claims, Allred stated, “I will not be threatened or bullied by false accusations.”

Hunter’s claims include legal malpractice, negligent representation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.