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Did you lose your case because of negligent legal counsel?

It goes without saying that there is no guarantee with a jury trial. Juries can return unpredictable verdicts, even when the evidence seems to suggest a contrary result. Not even the most skilled attorney can get inside the collective mind of a jury.

At the same time, however, skilled legal representation can hugely influence a trial. This is why it is so important to seek help from an experienced attorney who focuses in the area of law where you might need help. Our California law firm helps clients who want to hold their previous legal counsel accountable for negligent representation. We will thoroughly investigate your case and review the actions of your previous lawyer.

Certain actions are easier than others to classify as negligent. Missed court deadlines, ethical conflicts of interests, and failing to investigate the evidence are obvious examples. A more subtle inquiry is required for how a lawyer may have failed to utilize expert witnesses. Even then, however, there are certain safeguards that any competent counsel should perform. These actions include investigating an expert’s background and qualifications, or failing to disclose a financial conflict of interest between the lawyer and the expert.

Legal malpractice goes beyond mere dissatisfaction with the outcome of a case. Yet it may not always be clear whether your previous counsel should have done more to advocate for your interests. This is where a consultation with our law firm can help.

Don’t wait until you are certain of negligence, as the limitations period for bringing a claim of legal malpractice against your former attorney may run out. The deadline is one year from the date a client suffered damages resulting from the former counsel’s negligence, of which the client had actual or constructive knowledge.

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