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A few considerations regarding legal malpractice insurance

A consumer’s biggest enemy is often himself or herself.

The idea that consumers need to feel more emboldened in asserting their rights and speaking up for themselves seems to be forcefully communicated with some regularity these days by media commentators and pundits weighing in on the subject.

If your waiter is condescending or simply lacking altogether in traits you associate with adequate service, withhold a tip. If a store you regularly patronize has been gouging you recently, go elsewhere. When your doctor’s advice or diagnosis is arguably off the mark, valor might actually be preferable to discretion.

And as for a lawyer you’re thinking of retaining or have already hired, do not hesitate to speak up regarding what’s on your mind.

Take legal malpractice insurance coverage, for instance, a subject we reference on one of our website pages at the Los Angeles law firm of Glickman & Glickman.

Knowing whether your lawyer has that coverage is something you’d reasonably want to know, right? Moreover, it would be nice to know that said lawyer carries insurance in an amount that is sufficient to fully compensate clients such as yourself in the event of substandard representation that incurs damages, correct?

As we note on our site, individuals working with lawyers have every right to make inquiries regarding insurance, coverage amount, clients’ protection against fraud or theft and related matters.

It sometimes becomes necessary for a California resident to pursue a legal claim against an attorney for willful misconduct or negligent representation, in which case the aforementioned malpractice coverage can become a very big deal.

Our attorneys advocate passionately, aggressively and from a deep well of experience on behalf of clients in legal malpractice matters. We welcome readers’ contacts and the opportunity to help.