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Attorney conflicts of interest can be very harmful to clients

What happens in legal matters can impact a person on a very deep level. Thus, when a person entrusts an attorney to help them with a legal issue, a lot is riding on the attorney acting in the person’s best interests and doing what they are supposed to in their representation.

In most instances, lawyers act in a way that is consistent with the considerable amount of trust clients put in them and do put their client’s interests first. However, there can be things that could cause an attorney to wrongfully deviate from the pursuit of their client’s best interests. One such thing is when a lawyer has a conflict of interest in connection to their representation of the client in the case.  

There are many things that could potentially be a conflict of interest for a lawyer when it comes to their representation of clients. When a conflict of interest exists for a lawyer, whatever its particular cause, there is a possibility the conflict could end up driving the attorney to take action that disadvantages their client’s interests, such as not giving their client the type of advice that they should. 

When a person suspects that an attorney they hired acted in a way that hurt their overall legal position due to a conflict of interest the attorney had, they often feel greatly betrayed. They also typically wonder if there is anything they can do to get justice for the harm done to them.

A lawyer conflict of interest can, in some instances, be the grounds for a legal malpractice suit. Determining whether a given action by a lawyer was in fact malpractice can be a very complex process.

Our California law firm is very experienced with assisting individuals who have been subjected to misconduct by a lawyer. We can help individuals who suspect that a lawyer they hired may have had a conflict of interest in connection to their case with determining whether a conflict existed, whether the attorney acted against their best interests as a result of the conflict and whether legal action can be taken in response to the attorney’s behavior. We also help individuals with legal malpractice litigation against lawyers who engaged in wrongdoing.