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Lateral attorney hiring: a law firm's opportunities and risks

A law firm's managers and senior partners are often understandably excited over the prospect of securing new talent through the lateral hiring of seasoned attorneys who are already successful in other firms. In doing so, they can shore up select practice areas and, importantly, expand their client list.

Lateral hiring -- especially if it is a recurring and large-scale practice within a firm -- does not always exclusively spell upside-related opportunity for a hiring entity, though. As many law firms subsequently learn in the wake of lateral hires, there can also be a downside.

Link between lower CA bar scores, increased malpractice acts?

The relative difficulty of attorney bar exams in the various states is understandably subject matter that occasionally crops up among law school students, professors and deans, as well as in the offices of legal regulators across the country.

And when it does, it is often the case that talk of California's bar exam prominently surfaces, and for obvious reasons.

Are lawyer-client talks opened for scrutiny in malpractice suit?

One of the important features of the American justice system is attorney-client privilege. The privilege ensures that you can speak candidly with your lawyer and not worry that confidential matters will be revealed.

We recently read a column in a Los Angeles county publication that explores an interesting facet of the privilege. A reader wrote the paper, saying that they have what they believe to be "a strong malpractice case" against their lawyer, but wonder if a legal malpractice lawsuit will open up to scrutiny their private communications with him.

TV anchorman sues California attorney for alleged malpractice

A million dollars should just about do it.

And that is not being at all greedy, Southern California meteorologist and weather personality Kyle Hunter would likely contend. Hunter is on the hook for an estimated $800,000 in costs following what he flatly states is incompetent representation that was provided by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and her legal team in an employment discrimination lawsuit he filed against CBS.

CA appeals court: attorney's conduct flagrant, but no damages

Film producer David Bergstein's long legal odyssey in search of a money recovery against a formerly retained attorney later adjudged to have betrayed him will simply have to continue if he ever wants to receive a dime in damages.

Actually, the entertainment principal, described in a recent legal article as "embattled," figuratively sat upon a veritable mountain of dimes a few years ago, following a jury verdict that awarded him a stunning $50 million in damages against his ex-legal counsel.

Your lawyer, while not infallible, needs to be held accountable

Notwithstanding the claims that are sometimes made by a select group of attorneys in California and nationally that they are held to an impossibly high standard of performance by their clients and state bars, that is truly not the case -- at all.

Of course, the public does posit a high bar for lawyerly knowledge and professionalism, but, given the importance routinely attached to client matters, coupled with the exceptional amount of training that each attorney receives as a prerequisite to occupational licensing, shouldn't that be the case?

Hospital board steadfast in malpractice suit against law firm

Imagine being a principal administrator of the following hospital.

First, the facility is -- more correctly, was -- the long-time pride of its local community, operating independently as other hospitals gave in to financial crunches that compelled them to join large regional health care entities.

Tick tock: California court weighs in on malpractice timing issue

Both California plaintiffs and defendants in legal malpractice cases often have questions and concerns as to when the clock starts running on a malpractice case.

To be more specific, parties in such litigation need to know when the so-called "tolling" period that holds a relevant statute of limitations in abeyance ceases, spelling the moment from which the time period allowed for filing a claim begins running.

Legal malpractice: the "case within the case"

California plaintiffs -- ranging from individuals and institutional investors to business principals and additional parties -- who feel that they have suffered adverse outcomes in litigation that owed directly to substandard representation delivered by their lawyers are often confused in the aftermath of a legal loss.

For starters, they believe the outcome in their claim against one or more defendants should have concluded far differently than it did, with its actual result linking closely with deficient legal advocacy that materially undermined what should have been a winning case.

Business client claims faulty legal advice led to botched deal

As succinctly and unceremoniously noted in a recent business article chronicling the would-be purchase of a large land parcel near an international airport, "the transaction tanked."

And that failure sowed solely to faulty legal advice rendered by a law firm, states its former client, who is not content to just walk away following the demise of a potentially lucrative business deal.

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