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Federal court: law firm negligent in pension-related advice

A firm prerequisite to the purchase of a manufacturing company for a pair of would-be equity investors was the absolute assurance that they would not be held personally liable for any issues relevant to the company's pension plan if their business venture tanked.

They gained that requisite assurance from a law firm they relied upon for counsel, with its lawyers insisting that no liability would attach if the acquisition was structured in a certain way.

Lender: law firm breached disclosure duty to us re loan

Both sides in a heated legal battle have asked a federal judge to rule in their favor and to dismiss the other party's claim. Unless the court opts to do so, their multi-million-dollar dispute will be headed to trial next month.

That matter is focused squarely on language set forth in a legal opinion letter (a document written by an attorney or law firm expressing views regarding a transaction's risks that are often relied upon in a matter by its recipient).

Should the California bar pass-rate threshold be relaxed?

Yes. No. Maybe.

Those quick answers to the above-posed headline query in today's blog post instantly reveal the all-over-the-map attitudes of surveyed individuals who have more than a passing interest in the matter.

Sanctions against problem California attorneys protect the public

As a California resident and consumer who might reasonably have legal issues and challenges to contend with occasionally, can you imagine a playing field for lawyers in the state that doesn't sufficiently control them when they act in unlawful ways?

California legal authorities -- prominently regulators from the State Bar -- can't, and frequently take action against attorneys they are concerned with that is intended to properly discipline them for wrongful behavior and simultaneously promote the general public's best interests.

Disbarred: multiple acts of misconduct catch up with CA attorney

It's not like the California State Bar is routinely quick to act upon complaints by taking drastic action against attorneys with problematic professional histories.

Any individual seeking information on state lawyers with troublesome advocacy-related profiles can easily find it in public records, which will also show that California bar officials seldom pull the disbarment trigger on any lawyer practicing in the state.

A reasonably placed spotlight: legal malpractice insurance

Here is an inclination to logically act upon without pause in the event that a California attorney you are considering hiring in a legal matter informs you prior to any retainer papers being signed that he or she does not carry malpractice insurance: bolt from your chair and run out of that individual's office.

It is reasonable, after all, to assume that a duly credentialed professional who you have the right to rely upon for counsel and advocacy -- in any industry -- extends some protection to you in the form of insurance safeguards that can be invoked if downside realities relating to negligence or bad-faith representation ensue.

Lateral attorney hiring: a law firm's opportunities and risks

A law firm's managers and senior partners are often understandably excited over the prospect of securing new talent through the lateral hiring of seasoned attorneys who are already successful in other firms. In doing so, they can shore up select practice areas and, importantly, expand their client list.

Lateral hiring -- especially if it is a recurring and large-scale practice within a firm -- does not always exclusively spell upside-related opportunity for a hiring entity, though. As many law firms subsequently learn in the wake of lateral hires, there can also be a downside.

Link between lower CA bar scores, increased malpractice acts?

The relative difficulty of attorney bar exams in the various states is understandably subject matter that occasionally crops up among law school students, professors and deans, as well as in the offices of legal regulators across the country.

And when it does, it is often the case that talk of California's bar exam prominently surfaces, and for obvious reasons.

Are lawyer-client talks opened for scrutiny in malpractice suit?

One of the important features of the American justice system is attorney-client privilege. The privilege ensures that you can speak candidly with your lawyer and not worry that confidential matters will be revealed.

We recently read a column in a Los Angeles county publication that explores an interesting facet of the privilege. A reader wrote the paper, saying that they have what they believe to be "a strong malpractice case" against their lawyer, but wonder if a legal malpractice lawsuit will open up to scrutiny their private communications with him.

TV anchorman sues California attorney for alleged malpractice

A million dollars should just about do it.

And that is not being at all greedy, Southern California meteorologist and weather personality Kyle Hunter would likely contend. Hunter is on the hook for an estimated $800,000 in costs following what he flatly states is incompetent representation that was provided by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and her legal team in an employment discrimination lawsuit he filed against CBS.

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