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A growing concern with attorney stress, client impact

Every occupational group has inherent stresses and pressures that can mar individuals’ work quality and compromise their delivery of services to third parties who depend on them.

Doctors are well known in that regard, for instance, as are airline pilots and police officers.

Character traits can get a CA lawyer in trouble, including pride

The saying, “Pride comes before a fall” underscores that arrogance or a haughty nature often spurs conduct that can be injurious and self-defeating. Indeed, pride can easily cloud wise decision making and lead to adverse outcomes for individuals who can’t shelve their vanity.

Including lawyers.

Privity of contract principle spotlighted in legal malpractice case

Clients retaining attorneys to promote their rights in legal matters justifiably assume that their legal counsel will always act competently.

That so-called “standard of care” does not mean that a lawyer must be a paragon of perfection. Rather, it mandates that legal counsel proceed in a manner similar to that engaged in by other attorneys acting in a prudent way.

Apathy, laziness stressed in many attorney malpractice claims

Two attorney authors who concentrate on ethics in the legal industry duly note that many practitioners become ensnared in client-linked difficulties when they fail to routinely focus on and remain sharp in their representation.

That’s obvious, right? And writers Shari L. Klevens and Alanna Clair underscore the point in noting that attorney sloth is a common catalyst spurring legal malpractice claims.

Novel response to attorney disbarment: reemerge with new identity

California has legions of attorneys. Their client advocacy spans every conceivable practice area, and they are present and active in every corner of the state.

Given the scores of thousands of practicing lawyers, it stands to reason that their collective range of competency varies greatly and across a wide continuum. Some attorneys are paragons of skill and virtue, painstakingly promoting their clients’ best interests at every moment. Understandably, every California resident with a legal need wants one of those.

Spotlight on legal industry’s “impairment problem,” Part 2

It is far from a secret that the legal profession in California and nationally, like other professional groups, has its fair share of work-linked stressors. Deadlines abound in law. Motions need to be filed. Court dates are always looming. Relevant law needs to be found and successfully applied to a client’s case.

Superhuman effort is not expected for any attorney going about those tasks, notwithstanding what some busy practitioners occasionally assert and grouse about. Clients might sometimes be demanding, but they are also realists.

Focus on a downplayed problem that adversely affects legal clients

A recent national article on law and lawyers makes a number of pointed commentaries on the legal profession. At its core, though, it is essentially a warning piece focused on a single and alarming takeaway.

That is this: Attorneys from California to Maine are under stress.

Unexpected scourge in historic CA fire: unscrupulous attorneys

The so-called Camp Fire that has raged on recently in Northern California in an unprecedented way has inflicted unspeakable harm on individuals, families and businesses across a broad swath of the state. Tragically, scores of people have died in the conflagration, with many hundreds still being unaccounted for.

In short, people’s lives have been turned upside down, with help being desperately needed.

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