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Posts tagged "attorney misconduct"

Criminal defendant back in jail after lawyer overslept

A man being accused of drug crimes is back in jail after a judge found him and his attorney in contempt of court when they were nearly an hour late to a jury selection hearing. The judge increased the man's bail from $120,000, which he had already posted, to $3 million, leading him to be returned to the county jail after a hearing.

Attorney disbarred for two years after borrowing client inheritance

An attorney was disbarred by their state supreme court recently after she borrowed money from a client who was in jail. The attorney was managing a probate matter for the incarcerated client and was instructed to hold the more than $48,000 inheritance until the client was released. Instead, the attorney used some of that money for herself and when the client was freed in 2011 she was unable to produce the funds that belonged to him.

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