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Professional Malpractice Law Archives

Legal malpractice grounds for civil lawsuit

Professional malpractice by an attorney in California occurs when the lawyer has caused damage to a client. The damage caused may be due to either negligence or intentional conduct. Legal malpractice can occur in all areas of the law and may take multiple forms.

How do I know if my attorney committed malpractice?

Just because your previous attorney did a less than stellar job does not necessarily mean you have a case for legal malpractice. However, lawyers in California are held to professional and ethical standards. A violation of that duty may mean you can recover some of the financial loss you suffered because of your previous attorney's negligence or other wrongdoing.

Attorney conflicts of interest can be very harmful to clients

What happens in legal matters can impact a person on a very deep level. Thus, when a person entrusts an attorney to help them with a legal issue, a lot is riding on the attorney acting in the person's best interests and doing what they are supposed to in their representation.

When a lawyer causes a statute of limitations to be missed

There are a great many deadlines in legal matters. One of the very important deadlines that can be present when it comes to legal cases are statutes of limitations. Generally, the state's civil statutes of limitations put time limits on how long after an incident occurs or a wrong is detected a person can file a civil lawsuit over the wrong/incident.

Attorneys must avoid conflict of interest for ex-clients too

A person who hires an attorney for help with a legal matter has the right to expect that the lawyer taking his or her case does not have a conflict of interest. We spoke about conflict of interest on Sept. 9. It is a form of legal malpractice in which the offending attorney represents clients whose interests oppose each other for some reason. Think of an attorney representing opposite sides in a contract negotiation.

Legal malpractice insurance explained

One way that California attorneys can protect themselves in the event of a legal malpractice suit against them is to take out a malpractice insurance policy on their firms. This way, if a former client ever sues, the firm may not have to pay out of its own pocket to pay a settlement or judgment.

18 years after legal malpractice verdict, ex-client still waiting

When a lawyer who has been found guilty of legal malpractice is unable to pay the judgment, it can be frustrating for his or her victims. The verdict is supposed to make the attorney’s former client whole for damages caused by the attorney’s negligent representation. Without the money actually changing hands, it may seem like justice has not been served.

Pitcher alleges fraud, malpractice in major league lawsuit

When it comes to professional athletes, the simple -- and unfortunate -- truth is that they are often targeted by unscrupulous financial professionals looking to take advantage of their large cash reserves and relative ignorance of financial matters. Fortunately, more and more of these professional athletes are becoming aware of this potential problem, and are now choosing to fight back in a court of law.

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