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Professional Malpractice Law Archives

Annual legal malpractice survey: many problem areas for law firms

Insurance broker company Ames & Gough conducts a widely studied annual survey of legal malpractice claims across the United States, looking at both specifics and trends. The findings it culled in its most recent look at data supplied by multiple large malpractice defense insurers are instructive. We pass them along here for our readers' interest and consideration.

How do you legally determine a breach of contract?

If you have ever entered into an agreement with someone regarding property, business endeavors or financial obligations among other things, you have probably signed a contract. Your contract plays a critical role in protecting you, as well as the other party who you are under contract with. With detailed clauses that define both you and your partner's obligations, duties and anticipated benefits, you can have peace of mind that your best interest is protected in a way that is bound by legal terms in the state of California. 

How do you know if you have a case for wrongful termination?

When film producer Harvey Weinstein was fired recently following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace, you may have been surprised to learn that he contested the decision by filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. While it may be common for employees to feel that their getting fired was unfair, the legal grounds for termination to be considered wrongful are quite specific.

Legal malpractice grounds for civil lawsuit

Professional malpractice by an attorney in California occurs when the lawyer has caused damage to a client. The damage caused may be due to either negligence or intentional conduct. Legal malpractice can occur in all areas of the law and may take multiple forms.

How do I know if my attorney committed malpractice?

Just because your previous attorney did a less than stellar job does not necessarily mean you have a case for legal malpractice. However, lawyers in California are held to professional and ethical standards. A violation of that duty may mean you can recover some of the financial loss you suffered because of your previous attorney's negligence or other wrongdoing.

Attorney conflicts of interest can be very harmful to clients

What happens in legal matters can impact a person on a very deep level. Thus, when a person entrusts an attorney to help them with a legal issue, a lot is riding on the attorney acting in the person's best interests and doing what they are supposed to in their representation.

When a lawyer causes a statute of limitations to be missed

There are a great many deadlines in legal matters. One of the very important deadlines that can be present when it comes to legal cases are statutes of limitations. Generally, the state's civil statutes of limitations put time limits on how long after an incident occurs or a wrong is detected a person can file a civil lawsuit over the wrong/incident.

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