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July 2017 Archives

A reasonably placed spotlight: legal malpractice insurance

Here is an inclination to logically act upon without pause in the event that a California attorney you are considering hiring in a legal matter informs you prior to any retainer papers being signed that he or she does not carry malpractice insurance: bolt from your chair and run out of that individual's office.

Lateral attorney hiring: a law firm's opportunities and risks

A law firm's managers and senior partners are often understandably excited over the prospect of securing new talent through the lateral hiring of seasoned attorneys who are already successful in other firms. In doing so, they can shore up select practice areas and, importantly, expand their client list.

Link between lower CA bar scores, increased malpractice acts?

The relative difficulty of attorney bar exams in the various states is understandably subject matter that occasionally crops up among law school students, professors and deans, as well as in the offices of legal regulators across the country.

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