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December 2013 Archives

Ex-attorney for Tippi Hedren ordered to pay $1.5M on appeal

One California personal injury attorney’s conduct was for “The Birds,” at least when it came to representing a Hollywood legend in a 2006 suit. Actress Tippi Hedren responded to her former lawyer’s failure to properly represent her by filing a legal malpractice claim against him. That suit resulted in nearly $1.5 million in damages, a verdict that a California court of appeals has upheld.

15 years, 3 trials, $5.75M legal malpractice judgment

Legal malpractice cases that happen in Los Angeles can be complex, but the story we have for our readers today is especially full of twists and turns. We will do our best to untangle this story of double malpractice, as it is an example of how legal representation that does not meet the standard owed to each client can cause serious problems in the client’s life.

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