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June 2013 Archives

Former mayor not impressed by conflict-of-interest report

Attorneys have numerous duties to their clients, but one of the most important is to be a zealous advocate on their behalf. This generally means that a Los Angeles attorney needs to do a thorough and complete conflict-of-interest analysis before agreeing to represent someone. If that attorney takes on a client but is more interested in his or her interests, or those of a another client, than the current client, it could be grounds for a legal malpractice claim.

Suspension likely for attorney who posted video of drug buy

A state ethics board has recommended the suspension of an attorney who posted an incriminating video of his client on the internet. The attorney told the board that at the time he posted the video and promoted it using social networking sites, he believed that it exonerated his client from the accusations that he had purchased drugs by showing that a police informant had planted the contraband. 

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